Demeter, or Ceres (Roman Cognate), is the Goddess of Agriculture and harvest. She is also known as the bringer of seasons and together with her daughter Persephone, is a central figure of the Eleusinian Mysteries. She is also associated with presiding over grains, the fertility of the earth, law and order, afterlife and constellations.


Demeter is one of the 5 children that Cronus swallowed in his attempt to protect himself from being overthrown by one of his children, but with their mother, and Cronus' sister and wife, Rhea, protecting Zeus, Cronus was eventually forced to spit his children back out and he was eventually overthrown by Zeus and Cronus's five other children, Hera, Hestia, Hades, Poseidon and Demeter.

Demeter had a 9 children from different fathers. Persephone and Zargreus are children of Zeus. Desponia and Arion are from Poseidon. Plutus and Philomelus are sons of the mortal Iason. Eubuleus and Khyrsothemis are children of Karmanor while Amphiteus is the son of Tripolemus.


Her favorite Emblem is the Poppy, a bright red flower that grows among the barley



Poseidon lusts for Demeter


Basically, Demeter doesn't like Poseidon. So she disguised herself with the mares of Ogkios, but Poseidon still found her and he transformed himself into a stallion and had sex with her. Here's a text taken from:

"When Demeter was wandering in search of her daughter, she was followed, it is said, by Poseidon, who lusted after her. So she turned, the story runs, into a mare, and grazed with the mares of Ogkios [in Arkadia]; realising that he was outwitted, Poseidon changed into a stallion and enjoyed Demeter. At first, they say, Demeter was angry at what had happened, but later on she laid aside her wrath and wished to bathe in the Ladon ... Demeter, they say, had by Poseidon a daughter, whose name they are not wont to divulge to the uninitiated, and a horse called Areion ... In the Iliad there are verses about Areion himself: ‘Not even if he drive divine Areion behind, the swift horse of Adrastos, who was of the race of the gods.’
In the Thebaid it is said that Adrastos fled from [[#|Thebes]]: ‘Wearing wretched clothes, and with him dark-maned Areion.’ They will have it that the verses obscurely hint that Poseidon was father to Areion, but Antimakhos says that Gaia (Earth) was his mother." - Pausanias, Guide to Greece 8.25.5

Demeter and Her Search for Persephone


Demeter's daughter Persephone was sought after by Hades. With the help of Zeus, Persephone's father, Hades was able to take Persephone and bring her to the underworlds, making her the queen of the underworld. Demeter was furious and bitter because of this and she asked Zeus to bring her back. But with Zeus's refusal, Demeter exiled herself to Eleusis and her fury caused the land to become barren and led to the starvation of mankind. With all the suffering of humankind, Zeus finally decided to talk Hades into bringing her back to Mount Olympus. However, before letting Persephone leave, Hades gave her a pomegranate seed for her to eat. The catch is that, if one eats anything from the underworld, he/ she must stay there for a third of each year. Persephone, blind to this knowledge, ate the pomegranate seed and now had to go to the underworld and stay there for a third of the year, which is attributed to the seasons.

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Cereal (Ceres) - Relating to grain or to the plants that produce it. Derived from Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture.

Ceres, her Roman counterpart, is the name of one of the dwarf planets of our Solar System, also a moon of Mars.