Parents: daughter either of Peneus and Creusa in Thessaly, or of the river of Ladon in Arcadia

Relationship: loved by the god Apollon, great Olympian god of prophecy and oracles


Daphne was a fair and beautiful maiden who is mixed up with courted by Apollo. According to Pausanias, she was an Oreas and an ancient priestess of the Delphic oracle.

714.jpgBrief Synopsis:

She was extremely beautiful and was loved and pursued by Apollo. When onthe point of being overtaken by him, she prayed to her mother, who opened the earth and received her, and in order to console Apollo she created the ever-green laurel-tree (daphnĂȘ), of the branches of which Apollo made himself a wreath.

Did you know that n Ancient Greece and Rome, laurel leaves and branchlets were used as wreaths to crown their victors?
Did you know that the word "baccalaureate" means "laurel berries" that signifies the successful completion of one's studies?

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