Cyclops Polyphemus

Back in the history of mythology, many creatures and horrific beings were banned from the earth by Zeus, the strongest god of the Mighty Three.
Cyclops Polyphemus was one of them. Although he became a terror to many Greek Gods, he managed to win the favor of his banisher, Zeus. This is Cyclop's story of going back into the world of mythology.

The son of Poseidon and Thoosa, a nymph. His name translated means "very famous" in Greek but many say his popularity takes up's and down's, being famous at one point and a big nemesis at another. Also, Cyclops was not much of a thinker nor was he that brilliant.

One story about him was mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, where he was depicted as an ugly, ferocious beast living inside a damp and scary cave when Prince Odysseus, right after the destruction of Troy, stumbled upon an island with this one-eyed monster. Initially, Odysseus and what was left of his army brought much wine in exchange for hospitality from anyone who dwelled in this island to look for food . No cyclops at first was there so they were fed up in waiting and ate the food clearly seen in the cave. While eating their feast, Cyclops entered and closed the entrance of the cave with a massive rock. Looking for his food, he spotted the men and got into a fit with Odysseus. The Cyclops without thinking, ate two of the twelve. Then again....... and again. With that, The Cyclops felt drowsy with enough to eat and slept in an instant. This gave Odysseus a chance as well as a predicament. He could wait for The Cyclops to move the stone or just kill the beast in his sleep. He had not thought of a plan when the beast had awaken. With this, Polyphemus gathered his flock of pet sheep, out of the cave giving him a chance to escape but he did not, instead devising a brilliant plan for Cyclops was not as brilliant as Odysseus. The prince then found a stick and sharpened it and at its stake, planned to stick it into one of Cyclop's eyes. He bribed the monster with wine and with obvious prediction, he drank all at once and fell into deep sleep. This gave the prince a chance to blind The Cyclops. As he did, he left the cave with Polyphemus still blind and Odysseus got into his boat and escaped from the island with Cyclops blind. This is what the Cyclops was infamously known for until this day. His lack of intelligence.

Words from Cyclops:

Cyclops: the group of tiny, free-swimming crustaceans which have a single eye.
Cyclopie is an adjective meaning "monstrous". Cyclopia is a noun used for a massive abnormality in which the eyes are partly or completely fused.
The word has been used as a root to describe a wheel in such words as tricycle, bicycle, and motorcycle. It is also used to describe a violent storm which moves in a circle; such as, acyclone.
It also appears in the word encyclopedia to describe circular (or complete) learning. Acyclotron is a large apparatus used for the multiple acceleration of ions to very high speeds.
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