Also known as the Dread Goddess, Circe was the daughter of Oceanid and Helios, god of the sun, who owned the land where the men of Odysseus ate cattle. She was the sister of the two kings of Colchis, and of the mother of the minotaur, Pasiphae.

Circe was a goddess who would take advantage of lost sailors who were unfortunate enough to land in the island of Aeaea, where she lives. She would be very hospitable to them, feeding them before she goes to work with her potions, and turns these good men into swine.

When Odysseus and his men came, Odysseus sent 22 men to search the island. They were all welcomed very enthusiastically by Circe and so, one of them by the name of Eurylochos, suspected a trap and so he did not enter. After feeding the men with good food and at the same time drugging them with her potions, she tapped them with her magical wand and they all turned into swine. She then led them to her pigpen. Horrified at what he had seen, Eurylochos returned to the ship and told Odysseus and the others about what had happened. Unable to leave behind his men, Odysseus went to Circe's home alone. On the way, Hermes, disguised as a young man, gives him moly, which would make Odysseus immune to her potions. She fed him and drugged him, then without knowing that he was immune, she tapped him with her magical wand. To her surprise, Odysseus did not undergo any transformation and drew his sword. He asked her where she kept his men, and as a sign of trust, she showed him where she kept them and used one of her potions to turn them back to normal. She even opened her house for them to stay in. Comfortable in that place, Odysseus and his men stayed there for a year before heading out to Ithaca. Before they left, she cleansed the Argonauts for the murder of Apsyrtus. She also warns them about the Sirens before they left.

Trivia: Odysseus and Circe had children even though Odysseus was married!

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