"She who entangles men" or "Alexandra"

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  • "She who entangles men" or "Alexandra"
  • Cassandra is the Princess of the legendary city of Troy

  • King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy

  • Agamemnon and bore 2 children

Physical Characteristics:

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  • Most beautiful among her siblings


  • She was precocious and charming

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  • She was the one who told Troy that the gifts that you will receive are dangerous and will eventually take over Troy.
  • Still no one believed her and Troy fell to the Athenians.

Brief Synopsis of Mythology:Basically, Cassandra was promised by Apollo, the most handsome God, to give the power of prophecy (foretelling the future) if she gave herself to him. When she received the power she did not give herself to him, so Apollo got so pissed that he made it that no one would believe her. She foretold the city of Troy being taken over by Athenians. Eventually, they were and a few years later Troy got the city back with a lot of drama. In return she was given Agamemnon, the leader of the Army of the Athenians, they bore 2 sons. At the end she was killed by Agamemnon's wife and so was Agamemnon.

Cassandra Personality : When you think you know everything but not able to convince people that you do.

Influences in Modern Literature:

  • She is a symbol of tragedy and romance, she is someone who is prophetic but her statements turn into riddles or disjointed statements until truly proven.

The Cassandra
(in TV)
A character is almost always right about something (or everything) and yet continues to be mistrusted, mocked or otherwise ignoredhttp://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheCassandra