A Sculpture of Aphrodite

Aphrodite is known as the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility and also the protectress of sailors. Although being a minor god, she seems to possess incredible power. Because of her beauty, she is often depicted in many works of art such as paintings and sculptures. Because this, Aphrodite's image becomes distorted in which many now think that she is the goddess of desire. Her beauty is so boundless and infinite that she becomes a symbol of feminine beauty that is almost at perfection. Even though she had sex with many other gods at one time.


Many different philosophers speculated on the origins of Aphrodite. Some, like Herodotus, believe that she was derived/created from a Semitic goddess called Ishtar-Astarte because they find many similarities between the two based on the traditions of their respective cultist movements such as prostitution and the sacrifice of doves.

Birth of Aphrodite

There are many tales concerning this particular topic. Some tales depict Aphrodite being born as an end result of a fight between 2 gods. In Hesiod's Theogony show her being born from Uranus alone. While in Homer's Iliad, she is shown to be born from the union of the gods Zeus and Dione. Although
she was born under different circumstances, it appears that Aphrodite never had a childhood because when she was born, she was already an adult who possesses unimaginable beauty unlike any other.


Despite being secondary as compared to Zeus and the other Olympians, she possesses tremendous power and influence. It is said that she has power and influence over emotions and feelings. These powers can be shown through her actions and influence over the course of human history. Perhaps a popular example would be the Judgement of Paris in which through her actions and her influence, she indirectly caused the Trojan War.


Because of her tremendous beauty, she uses this to sex others. Although she is one of the gods who are married, she is very unfaithful and had many affairs including one with Ares.That means she had sex with alot of people at one time she also saw them naked. She has a lot of husbands, sex mates and lovers as well and because of these affairs, she has a lot of children. In other words, she's somewhat like a prostitute hence the prostitution in her cultist movement.


Although she is perceived to be a minor god, influence and popularity make up for it. This is because she is depicted in many paintings, sculptures, books, even movies.

Word that uses Aphrodite: Hermaphrodite= an animal or plant that has both private parts. Aphrodite had a girl private part and a peanus.