Welcome to Xavier School IB English Greek-Roman Mythology Wiki!

This is for the exclusive use of the students enrolled in the IB Language A1 (English) course of Xavier School AY 2010-2012 under Ms. Barbara Magallona and Mr. James Nicolay.

TASKS for Session 1:

  • You are to create a wiki page on a major and minor character of Greek or Roman mythology.The list of characters contain gods/goddesses, heroes/heroines, creatures, monsters, and mortals.
  • These should be seen in your MAJOR characters' Wiki Profile page:
    • alternate names; Homeric epithets (e.g. Goddess of Wisdom, Earth-shaker, Archer God, etc)
    • parentage, relatives, partners, children, and other relationships *
    • short descriptions of the character: physical characteristics, personality, attitude/behavior in the stories, important events in their existence, etc. *
    • for the 12 Olympians, discuss briefly the emblems (animal and trees) and favorites (cities and specific heroes/persons)
    • for the creatures/monsters, discuss briefly their origins, powers, and the other mythology characters who met/faced/challenged/defeated them
    • for the characters in "The Odyssey" and "Oedipus Rex" and the story of The Trojan War, discuss their key roles in the stories
    • brief synopsis of mythology stories about the character *
    • interesting trivial facts about the character
    • images and videos *
    • allusions in and influences on modern literature or other learning disciplines
    • sources of the information and multimedia used *
  • For MINOR characters, only the ones with asterisks are required in their Wiki Profile page.
  • To add a wiki page, just click the New Page link on the left side of this webpage. Use the Greek name as the PAGE NAME. Type in the Greek name and other names given to the character in the TAGS Section. See the image below:Screen_shot_2010-06-21_at_1.30.47_PM.png
  • Research, copy, paste, and SCREEN/REVISE text which you'll use in your Wiki Profile. Use images, videos which can make your Wiki Profile substantial and creative.
  • You are encouraged to use sentences in the descriptions and narratives; however, avoid using very long paragraphs. Be creative in your presentation of the wiki page. MAKE THE ENTRIES INTERESTING for your classmates to read.
  • Find many resources and use your better judgment to decide whether the information or multimedia you used are reliable. If there are errors in any way (grammatical, factual, etc), you are required to revise them accordingly.
  • You are discouraged from using However, you may use the external links provided in the wikipedia entries.
  • Don't forget to cite the URL sources you used.